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Bob Proctor Review – 11 Forgotten Laws

Bob Proctor Review

by bobproctorthe11forgottenlaws.com on February 1, 2011

Have you seen The Secret? If yes, then most probably you’ve seen Bob Proctor in the movie. Bob Proctor is in fact one of the best inspirational speakers when talking about abundance and financial success. He claims that anyone can get more than they can have and is only limited to how they think.

Bob Proctor was born in Canada in the year 1935. During his younger years, he was never fascinated with education. In fact, he did not excel in studies and eventually dropped out in high school. He then served the Canadian Navy for four years and later worked with the fire department. It was not a good opportunity for him and had financial problems hunting him frequently. Then a friend introduced him to Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” which eventually changed his life from then on. This book led Bob Proctor to earning a staggering $175,000 in one year, then came to earning millions later on.

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Inspired by the book, Bob Proctor started an office cleaning business which led him to his first success. His business grew into a nationwide chain in over a year. His motivation for success brought him to Chicago to work under his mentor, Earl Nightingale, who led him into understanding deeper the Law of Attraction. After being promoted the position of vice president of sales, he later established his own company dedicated into helping others understand the countless possibilities of the human potential. Bob Proctor shared his learning to the public through his live seminars and talks. The growing demand for his ideas and methods eventually led him to create many self-help books which have helped bring unparalleled success to people who tried it around the world.

Conventional understanding of the Law of Attraction is insufficient, he stated, which led him to creating the missing component into understanding the Law of Attraction – The 11 Forgotten Laws. These 11 laws expand on the Law of Attraction to achieve its great effects. The 11 laws work hand-in-hand together and not individually as they are all the principles that formed the entire universe. This is the reason why some people do not completely understand the Law of Attraction because they miss to understand the other principles.

To be able to fully utilize the powers of the Law of Attraction, one must be able to understand the law of thinking, supply, attraction, receiving, increase, compensation, non-resistance, forgiveness, sacrifice, obedience and success. People who fail to understand these laws will find themselves unsuccessful in tapping the powers of the Law of Attraction.

Over 40 years have passed and Bob Proctor has been continuing his mission of teaching people about the Law of Attraction and how you can get the success you have always wanted. Everyone can have lasting relationships, abundance, good health, success only if you know how to think and act the rate way.

Bob Proctor is a famous author, counselor, speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, and teacher teaching the people the ways to maximize the human potential, self-motivation, and positive thinking.

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